About We Write Anything


My Backstory

I’m Sheena, founder of We Write Anything and freelance copywriter and blogger. I’ve always loved writing and, as I have a degree in English and Creative Writing, I wanted to actually do something with it. I used to work in sales and marketing and, while I was good at what I did, I knew I wanted to eventually end up doing something that involved content writing.
I joined a freelance writing network and started doing a few online writing jobs on the side, while I still worked full time for a marketing company. However, the more freelance jobs I did, the more I realised that it was something I really wanted to do. I thought, well, why don’t I try doing this full time?
So I quit my job.
And the rest, as they say, is history…

So, Why ‘We Write Anything’?

I started off with profiles on freelance writing networks and took on a few content writing jobs. But I wanted my own website where I could be able to easily showcase my portfolio of work and my content writing services.

I chose to call it ‘We Write Anything’ because, well, we write anything! For example, you might need someone to do some article writing for your publication, or someone to write a blog post for your blog, or a freelance copywriter to write or edit engaging content for your website. Basically, if you need a website content writer, or any type of content writing jobs done, We Write Anything can help.

At present, We Write Anything only has one freelance copywriter: me! I chose ‘we’ write anything instead of ‘I’ because it flowed better. But also with the mindset that, in future, I won’t be the only copywriter at We Write Anything!

Why Shouldn’t You Find Another Copywriter?

You’ve already found me so why not stick around? Take a look at my portfolio and my blog to get an idea of my writing style. I just might be the website content writer you’re looking for!
And did I mention, we write anything? This means that, regardless of what type of writing jobs you’re looking for (article writing, press release, blog post, SEO content writing etc), you only have to come to one place!

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